Here’s to 2011 and Bring On 2012!

HELLO EVERYONE and Happy New Year!!!!

Long, long overdue and PLEASE accept our apologies!!! Shame on us for just now posting about our fabulous Holiday Soiree we had last month! As many of you know, we teamed up with the Girls of Lincoln Park to throw a par-tay together and get everyone in the Christmas Sprit!!! The whole thing came from a very funny course of events…..

The Girls of Lincoln Park are fashion bloggers whom we have followed prior to moving to the Windy City. With the power of social media (and guts and glory), they started following us on Twitter after we moved here. Our jaws dropped like Kate Spade had called us or something. We emailed them and literally said, “hey, we just moved here, you’re following us on Twitter, lets brainstorm and make friends over cocktails?!?!”

It WORKED! And, we got some friends over the deal! We met for brunch and by the 3rd mimosa we had set a date for a joint Holiday Soiree. They asked if we could use our fabulous new office space and we OF COURSE agreed. We said, we will provide the space, if you provide the people! IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME!

And come they did…..

We cannot thank the GOLP enough for their support and introducing us to new people! We had about 100 people here and champagne was LIBERALLY consumed!!!!!! It was so incredible and a way to give us some personal momentum for the late nights and hours ahead for the Holiday Season!

What a blessing it has been to meet them (they are ADORABLE) and to have instant friends!!! Young women who own businesses are even MORE powerful and inspiring when they have FRIENDS who do the same. Welcome to Chicago to US! Make sure to follow their blog….we are OB-SESSED with the images they put on there!!! They will be doing BIG things….mark our word!!!

The other ABSOLUTELY incredible news is that we were fortunate enough to be featured in a December gift guide issue of US Weekly!!!!!!!!!!! Kim Kardashian on the cover and Nico and Lala’s Salt and Pepper Shakers on the inside! Right next to Heidi Freakin’ Klum! No, that is NOT a typo. We were PINCHING ourselves….is this really happening??!? We now have a whole new audience of customers and it has been so wonderful to get orders from ALL OVER the country! So, so thankful and blessed.

If that is not an exciting way to end 2011, I don’t know what is! Enjoy the pics from the Holiday Soiree and our new office space! We thank each and every one of you (reading this right now) for all you do to support us!

This is our cute office from the street! We are THIRD FLOOR…No elevator!!! (Every climb we think…good legs, good legs, good legs…)

This is another view since none of the party pics showed this vantage point! Our desks are against the window overlooking the fabulous streets of CHICAGO!

And this is the street we live picture-esque and we could NOT be more thrilled with our decision to move and what we have experienced in this wonderful city so far. Every single day (even when it’s 13 out) we literally say to each other, “I cannot believe this is where we live.” We have come a long way from working out of dresser drawers and living room floors!!!

Now, we know LOTTTTTSSS of new brides got sparkly and shiny gifts over the holidays called DIAMONDS!!!!!!!!! Spread the word and send them our way!!! We are already working on a few fabulous destination weddings (St. John, Hawaii, St. Lucia just to name a few..) and may sneak in our OWN invitation…We know after this cold cold weather will be needin’ some FUN IN THE SUN!!!

Here’s to 2012 being prosperous for US, YOU, and especially OUR COUNTRY!


Nico and Lala

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