Harper Turns One…A Pastel Party!

Happy Friday everyone!

We are loving this new blog kick we are on! Hoping to keep it up and share all these precious pics we have from such fab parties! We hope you are all enjoying and getting some real inspiration for your own soirees!

Behold, Harper’s First Birthday!! Mom Courtney is one of our all time favorite clients ever. She is just the sweetest and we kind of have a pen pal relationship. She gives us lots of advice on life and love too (WE LOVE OUR JOBS!!!)

Anywho, this party was so adorable and with Courtney’s unbelievable craftiness (we certainly do not do applique..hahah), she made our swag look like a million bucks!!! And how good is this photography?? Alice Park Photography in Atlanta did this and we are so thankful to her for letting us post these pics and share with you all! ENJOY!


Nico and Lala

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