30th and 40th Birthday Bashes!

We have been busy bees over here at Nico and Lala! Lots of beautiful weddings and then of course getting the website all together!

We are SO excited about it!!! Invitations for most categories are complete and up for SALE!!! YIIPPPPEE! And of course, we can add matching swag to any of the preset designs, for a small design fee! So let the swanky parties begin!!!

The custom page is going to be UH-MAZING, so we will be sure to blast it near and far once it is up and running! The amazing photographers who have taken the pics are so talented and we cannot wait to share it with you all!

Speaking of custom, we just did two birthday bashes we wanted to share!!! The big 3-0 and 4-0 are definitely worth celebrating, and these YOUNG ladies, are doing it right!!

First, we have Natalie’s 30th birthday in Austin, Texas. The birthday girl is having a girls weekend of celebration! We had a lot of info to include on the invitation, so we decided a bi-fold card would be best! Did it not turn out so cute?! She used our lovely, lovely (if we do say so ourselves) Nico and Lala logo, for inspiration! BEHOLD!!

Next, we have a 40th Birthday Exatravaganza that we honestly wish we could go to. Sarah is having 3 of their closest couple friends join she and her husband in VEGAS for her 40th Birthday!!!!! So fun!

She wanted to welcome everyone with a swanky, and ultra cool basket of goodies to get them through the weekend–now that we think about it, maybe we should have included some Advil???

Would you not LOVE to fly out to Vegas for a birthday weekend have THIS waiting for you in your hotel room??? We love doing these custom, personal baskets for people!!
Sarah loved the Vegas look and of course wanted to incorporate that, but did not want the typical black and white and red look of casinos.

She instead wanted something more unexpected, but that still fit the Vegas bill!

We think it turned out absolutely adorable!!!

Have fun next weekend Sarah, and can’t wait to see pictures–send along the PG ones please!

Hope you all are getting into football season! We gave away a super fantastic game day serving tray last week on Facebook–And it was especially awesome because a VOL one. I promise the choosing was not rigged. HA! Stay tuned to Facebook and the blog, and we will keep you up to date on the website and all of the activities of the Nico and Lala world!


Nico and Lala

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