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Last month, we had one of our most creative moms, Jessica, come to us with one of the most original party themes we've seen in a long time! You might remember birthday girl Camilla from previous super-fab birthday parties we've created and featured on our site! Check out her summery and fun pink-lemonade themed first birthday here, and her sweet Mother Goose second birthday here. Camilla isn't Jessica's only N&L devotee. In addition to creating Camilla's birthday bash, we also recently designed the sweetest birth announcements for Camilla's new baby brother, Campbell. 

We couldn't stop oohing and aahhing over adorable Campbell during production, what a cutie! Back to the birthday girl! Camilla loves going to the grocery store with her mom more than we gave the little shopping lover a store of her own! Introducing Camilla's Corner Store, celebrating three years of business!!!

While we designed some extremely swanky invitations and swag for the party, Camilla's mom ran with the theme and created a corner store party that we could only dream of...until now! So come on in and check out Camilla's Corner Store 3rd birthday party below--we are open for business and LOVE how everything turned out!

Camilla's invitation that inspired all of the goodness below--we are obsessed!

In lieu of gifts, guests were asked to bring donations to a local food bank. Camilla is not only cute, but charitable from a young age...precious!! 

How great is that cake?!?! Camilla's "customers" must have gone crazy over all of these sweet (and adorable) treats!

Little brother Campbell was assistant manager for the day, while store owner Camilla was employee of the month!

We LOVED being part of such a cute and special day for Camilla! Make sure to check back later in the week for updates and pictures of our big N&L Studio makeover! We'll give you one hint before we sign off...FLAMINGO PINK! 



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