North, East, South, and West

Hi everyone!

It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks here at the N&L studio! We had the best time in the Bahamas and cannot wait to share the pics! Hope you were following us on Instagram to see sneak peeks! If not, click here to follow. It was such a fabulous wedding and everyone LOVED their welcome bags! Success! YAY! 

Since we have been back in Chicago, it has been wedding mode all the way! We've been busy bees with super swanky wedding production here in the studio! From fan wedding programs, to welcome baskets in California, Mississippi, and here at home in Chi-town, stay tuned to the blog these next few weeks for more pics! We feel so blessed to get to do what we do, and just know you are going to swoon at all the loveliness! 

Not sure if you all saw on our FB and Instagram, but last week was Allyson's (who has worked with us from the VERY beginning), last day. We have been so fortunate to have someone like her who has stuck with us through it all and has become a wonderful friend. We have watched her grow up and literally were crying at our desks on her last day. It was truly the end of an era! The only GOOD thing about Allyson's departure is that we now have two new girls helping us out here in the Chicago studio!!! YAY! Meghan and Amanda are quickly getting settled and the introduction to them will be here on the blog on Thursday

Since we're in swag mode and have created countless welcome bags over the past couple of weeks, we wanted to share one of our FAVE pieces that brides often choose to include in their welcome bags, that always makes an impact. With so many guests (both from out of town, and local) who often choose to turn a wedding weekend into mini-vacations, what better way to welcome them than with a custom map?! Pointing out key wedding locations and helping guests navigate the host city, custom maps not only look pretty but are often one of the most used items in welcome baskets and programs. From Nantucket to Hawaii and everywhere in between, custom maps are sure to add both function and flair to your welcome basket. Check out some of the maps we've created, and tell us which is your favorite!

Our last bride took the idea of a custom map and added a twist, by including it in her envelope liner! Such a fun idea, it turned out so cute!

Such a great addition to any welcome basket, program, or even invitation! We love designing custom maps for our brides...what a special welcome for wedding guests! 


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