Twin Birthday Bash: Minnie and Tully turn ONE!!

Well, we are getting back on the saddle with the blog posting, and nothing like a rainy Labor Day to get started on the right foot!!

We have the CUTEST party to share! Minnie and Tully (could they have more precious names?!) are boy and girl twins, so for their first birthday, mom couldn't help to make this a special, special soiree!

We were given the baby's outfits to base the invitation off of, and created a custom pattern to match the pink, yellow, and green fabrics!

WE were even shocked at how adorable it turned out to be! What a neat idea to match their outfits! And we cannot get over how cute Minnie and Tully are. GAH!!! Just want to squeeze them!!!

Cute party hats!!! We did not do these, but how great do they match?!

Matching placemats! We love these! Use them for smash cakes and for meals to come!

What an adorable family!!!

Let us know if we can help make your party special! And Happy Labor Day!



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