Custom Wedding Gifts, Swag, and Chicago update!!

Well, greetings from CHIIIIICAAAGGGOOO!!!!!!

We are here and finally getting settled!! It has been a bit of a struggle getting all of our tasks and to do lists divided out between our offices and we are still working out some kinks, but no major issues thus far! YAY! We are loving all these Holiday Card orders and please, please email us if you are wanting something custom! We are of course still doing custom as well!!!

Three weeks ago, we left Nashville in a 26 foot Uhaul and drove all day ending up outside the city on a Friday night, so we could roll that baby into the city on a SATURDAY rather than a weekday. It was a sight to behold, people. My mom rode with me, while Nico followed and I actually cannot believe it went as smoothly as it did. I drove with white knuckles the ENTIRE way gripping that steering wheel, and I think the fear of wrecking that ENORMOUS truck encompassed my mind, and I didn't have time to really get sad about leaving Nashville!

This is just to show you HOW big 26 feet is...unbelievable.

Maybe that was a blessing in disguise??!! We strolled into town and it was as if the good Lord parted the streets---deep breaths and we pulled gently against a curb. My blood pressure finally sank after a good 48 hours of it being at a skyrocket level, and we met the movers! Thankfully they agreed to maneuever the rig from this point forward. HA!

So we are easing our way into the rhythm of the city and loving riding the El to work, the sounds of the city, the view from our desks overlooking the busy streets below, and having new restaurants, new bars, and overall, new surroundings. We have had such a feeling of "this world is what you make of it"..we never in a million years thought we could do this, and in a way, kind of can't believe we have!

We are not rich by ANY means, but doing what you love is priceless, so thank you for allowing us to do this and to move hundreds of miles away, just because we can! :)

And that being said, we cannot show you the complete photos of the new office because we are not finished decorating....I know, I know...patience is a virtue people!! For now, this one will have to do--Day one. This is where our desks are now--over looking this FABULOUS window that will soon be the death of us in the winter...I just know it! HA!

We CAN show you a tiny portion of our new living room--we painted the walls and THANK GOD the Landlord loves them!! HA! It's always easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, right?

And this is my little Lily, really struggling to get adjusted. How precious is she?!? I know one day a child will be much more important than her, but for now, she is it...and she is awesome.

Now, back to the REAL purpose of this blog post--custom wedding swag and gifts!
We did the most awesome wedding swag bags for a wedding we worked on with The Social Office in Nashville before we left! Bride and groom, Lauren and Mike, wanted something southern--and as our tag line denotes, swanky and southern is what we do!! Is it not so darn precious?!

We hope you enjoy the pics and keep in mind that we can create custom wedding swag for anywhere in the country and can of course customize your goodies! We know not ALL brides like to give out Jack Daniels! Hee hee! (Just those crazy Tennessee ones..)

We also just made the most incredible tray for bride Carolyn (praying she isn't reading this blogpost) for a wedding gift from Nico and Lala to her. This is such a fab idea people!

We matched her wedding invitations, since we did them, but you can do anything! Even though we have the lucite trays online for order, you can always email us for fancy pants custom work. Custom is our absolute specialty and is what we LOVE to do...making something one of a kind that cannot be found ANYWHERE else.

And also, what a great idea to do custom catch alls for bridesmaids gifts!!!

Or graduation gifts, or Christmas gifts! The list goes on and on...the catch alls are such a great price point and can be used for so many different things...we heart them.

And another Tennessee wedding we did with The Social Office, that was put your boots on fun, was Niki and Ryan's!!! They held their reception downtown at the Hard Rock cafe in Nashville, and we re all about everyone having fun and letting loose! These boxes were overflowing for guests and really made people's jaws drop when they got to their hotel rooms and saw them!

SO fabulous and custom!!!

Well, we are off to feed some trick or treaters!! Red wine and chocolate is on the menu for the evening! :)

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!



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