Branding...It's Not Just for Companies.

Well hello there!!!

We are getting so excited about the holiday season upon us!!! This Holiday Card sale that we just had, and all these adorable pictures we keep getting are really gettin' us in the mood! We cannot wait to see the city lit up with lights and peruse the fabulous windows of Michigan Avenue! YAY for the holidays and the spirit of Christmas!

In the meantime, we know we have lots of readers who are either graduating soon, are recent grads, or are just looking for a job.

Well, as a result, we have been scheming this blog post up in our heads for some time and are SO unbelievably thrilled to share it with you all. We had a good friend who is on the job hunt as well,(in a less than flourishing economy) recently approach us about doing some branding items for her to use on interviews...

The alarms went OFF in our heads. WHAT A BRILLIANT IDEA..absolutely brills!!! You are making a mark for yourself every single step of the way until you get that oh so amazing job offer. Why not do everything in your power to set yourself above the rest?!

We can assure you all that job interviewers are looking for someone with that extra edge. I know we are all sick of hearing how TERRIBLE the economic situation is in this country right now, but it is true! With the competition for jobs right now so intense, this would be an absolutely amazing way for you to make an impression. And our mothers always told us, "a first impression leaves a lasting impression" :)

Behold...the Nico and Lala Personal Branding Ensemble.

The Personal Branding Ensemble is $500 and includes a custom chic personal logo with coordinating swanky pattern (so you can really blow their socks off), as well as 25 printed pieces of the following items:

*Custom Resume, formatted and printed (front and back as pictured above), as well as an e-version in PDF format

*Custom Cover Letter, (printed front and back as pictured above), for you to print or hand write your cover letter, tailored to the specific position you are seeking

*Custom flat notecards with hand lined envelope with return address. Remember, you should ALWAYS hand write a thank you letter after EVERY interview.

*Custom correspondence card; These are perfect to jot a quick note to someone you are sending a package to. Insert this is in, instead of your fancy lined envelope flat card.

*Contact Cards; When attending networking functions, resumes need not apply. Carry these to hand out--they're compact, swanky, and they'll know where to find you.

*Mailing Labels; When snail mailing a potential employer a package, let them see THIS label first. We can assure you they won't forget you.

Also please note that even if you are NOT someone on the job hunt, but would like personal branding to just be super swanky in life, we would love to help!

We are so excited about this and hope you all love it!


Nico and Lala

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