Well we could not be more excited about our newest custom product!!!! IPAD COVERS!!!

We have fun new patterns, motifs, monograms, and colorways up our sleeves, so get ready! Umm did someone say zebras??!?!? Yes..yes, they did.

Also, for those who want a swanky cover for their husband or boyfriend? We are "covering" that as well--(pun intended).
Nico and Lala may have gotten some creative inspiration last time we were in Ralph Lauren--think plaid, herringbone, masculine and divine.

These covers are made using environmentally friendly inks which are printed onto a vinyl cover made of Post Consumer Recycled materials. Swanky and green...doesn't get better than that!

Counting down the days!!!

Stay tuned!

XO and Happy Saturday!

Nico and Lala

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