Happy Friday Everyone! After all that talk yesterday about yoga on the beach, it was cancelled because of the weather! So, of course in true Nico and Lala fashion, we still continued on for happy hour!! It was so hot here in Chicago though that we couldn't even sit outside on a patio! That doesn't happen often in these we drank some cold beer with our friends Maggie and Abby and called it a night! Twas a very fun night of girl talk! Speaking of girls.....ITS A GIRL! Not for either of us of course, but for this expectant mommy Raina! This baby shower is SO unbelievably adorable. Beautiful flower arrangements, pale pink and dove grey N&L swag, a to die for menu, all in a posh New York City venue! Behold the final product! Classy, traditional and just absolutely gorgeous! And how cute is mommy to be?! NO ONE looks like that pregnant, right?! That is some inspiration if I have ever seen it! HA!
We love this!!! And love how our swag can just make an event so chic and cohesive!! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I am headed south tomorrow to go see a very special little man-- My best friend's new baby boy BOONE!!!! Cannot wait! XO, Nico and Lala

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